If you are ready to reduce your marital conflict by 90%, we recommend our Imago Relationship Intensive Program.

If you are prepared to work hard to improve your relationship, then the Imago Couples Intensive is designed for you.

In these three, full days of highly structured and effective couples therapy, you will be guided by an experienced Imago couples’ therapist and work towards repairing your relationship and becoming reconnected to one another.

The process will help you to makes sense of the emotional turmoil and the difficulties in being ‘stuck in a rut’. With structured and researched processes, the therapist can assist in healing the pain that comes from being disconnected. Too often, couples tend to focus on the symptoms. By only changing these, the change will not be meaningful or last. The Imago Couples Intensive will take you to the root of the pain and conflict in your relationship. If you can heal and change that, then you will be able to make a meaningful difference in your lives.


For who is this process?

For any relationship that might be in serious trouble and both people are willing to work together to repair it;

Couples that feel stuck in old patterns and want to move to a new and more creative way of relating to one another;

One party wants to leave the relationship, but is willing to put in “one last effort” to make it work;

Couples that want to transform the energy of the power struggle into an energy-filled with passion; and

Couples that want to learn the art of being connected and alive with each other.


How does it work?

The Imago Intensive runs over three consecutive days from 09:00 to 17:00 with a 90-minute lunch break. This is not a group process. It is one therapist working with a couple. I am therefore present with each interaction and process. This means that every step will be in tune with your unique situation and is developed so you get what you need for your relationship to heal.

The process consists of 25% theoretical work and 75% practical relationship work. Through the Imago Dialogue, reconnection, healing, and repair takes place. This means that the work happens between you (as a couple) and myself (as the facilitator) with structured and emotionally safe processes.


Do we need to be in trouble before doing the Intensive?

Most definitely not. If you want to develop your capacity to love and to connect, then this is an amazing process to learn how to do so. In fact, the reason why we experience all sorts of problems in our lives is to push us into being more aware and whole with one another.

So, why must you wait for a crisis to accomplish this? Choose to grow and to be alive. A relationship is an amazing place where you can embark on this journey together. And the Intensive will facilitate this.


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Rescue your marriage

With the Imago Couples Intensive, you will get all the professional care that your marriage needs to heal and repair. Email Elmarie here or phone her at 081 559 9130

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